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The World's No.1 Selling Hearing Aid Battery!
Rayovac Ultra ProLine premium zinc air hearing
 aid batteries offer you our enhanced performance
 coupled with unsurpassed hearing aid battery
All of this is backed by our
 "4 Year Freshness Date Code" an industry first!
Rayovac ProLine provides you with our most
 advanced product development and innovation
using our latest technology. In turn this gives
 you our longest lasting battery yet, which is
compatible with both digital and analogue
Additionally we offer a number of pack
 sizes including larger ones to ensure
 that you never run-out of batteries
You can count on Rayovac Ultra ProLine
 batteries to offer you predictable
 battery life and consistency – battery
 to battery.
The World's No.1 Selling Hearing Aid Battery!
Rayovac the manufacturer of the "Worlds No.1
 Selling Hearing Aid Battery" and pioneer in this
 category, are pleased to offer you our most
 recent product development and innovation
 with Rayovac EXTRA.
Rayovac EXTRA hearing aid batteries offer you
 superior performance supported by unrivalled
 hearing aid battery quality. All of this is
 backed by our "4 Year Freshness Date Code"
 an industry first!
  • No battery gives more consistent
  •  performance.
  • New improved Rayovac hearing
  •  aid batteries means you even
  •  get crisper, clearer, longe
  • r lasting sounds than before. Guaranteed.
Rayovac, the World leader in hearing
 aid batteries, introduces Cochlear
 Plus, a new battery designed
 specifically to meet the needs of
 patients with cochlear implants.
Cochlear Plus will answer the specific
 high-power demands required by
 patients with these implants, a
 small but growing market. The
 new specialised battery will be
 available in a 60-pack carton in
 size 675. It will feature the familiar,
 user-friendly dial packaging.
The World's No.1 Selling Hearing Aid Battery!
Rayovac, the number one hearing aid battery
 brand in the world, announces the launch
 of its latest powerful innovation – Rayovac
 Mercury Free.
Rayovac’s new product will be introduced
 later this year, underlining the company’s
 commitment to sustainability and the
The latest product innovation will be one of
 the first mercury free hearing aid batteries
 in the world. It will also be the longest
 lasting mercury free hearing aid battery.
Through years of research and development,
 Rayovac’s technical team has been able
 to meet the challenge of removing
 mercury, a stabilizer used in hearing
aid batteries.
Rayovac Mercury Free meets growing
 consumer demand for more
environmentally conscious products,
 at the same time as delivering
 consistent power and performance
 over its lifetime. The new battery
offers performance that rivals other
mercury containing products in today’s market.



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