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Sennheiser A200
The Sennheiser A200 hearing aid is ideal for people with low to
medium difficulty hearing. Audio stereo amplifier are for people
who may sometimes need a help with their hearing. The device
 has two microphones, giving the user guide to the sounds he
 hears. The advanced electronic processing that has offers
 crystal clear sound and great clarity in his speech.
It features volume control, regulatory balancing (balance)
 and a jack for external audio source with rechargeable battery.
Sennheiser SET 50 TV
The SET 50 TV is a headset infrared communication on TV
 with clear sound and rechargeable battery. Very light with
 volume control, sound regulatory balance in each ear
 (balance) and set bass. With charging base, rechargeable
 battery and can not isolate the sound to the rest of the
 family (link Audio out). Take a lookt (optional
accessory available connection output SCART).



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