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Audéo SMART, the world’s smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality, is the choice if you want top performance with manual control and unlimited connectivity. Audéo SMART features SoundRecover for expanded audibility of high frequency hearing, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution.
Audéo MINI
Audéo MINI, the smallest Phonak ever, is for you if size and cosmetics are your main issues: it’s so tiny and automatic you can just wear it and forget it. Audéo MINI features SoundRecover for expanded audibility of high frequency hearing, VoiceZoom, speech intelligibility, SoundFlow.
Audéo YES
Audéo YES the brilliantly designed wireless hearing aid provides the solution to a previously unsolved challenge. Audéo YES featuring SoundRecover broadens the hearing range and restores high frequencies making the full spectrum of sounds audible.
Exélia Art
This premium hearing aid family raises the industry-benchmark. Exélia Art redefines excellence in terms of hearing performance, connectivity and choice. Exélia Art features SoundRecover, which restores high frequency hearing, DuoPhone, an innovative solution for phone calls and ZoomControl, a feature that helps you in situations where the sound you want to hear isn't always in front of you .
Life is all about adapting to change,especially if you lead a busy life. You need a hearing aid that is flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing soundscapes of life. The Versáta hearing aid has a feature called SoundFlow,which continuously and instantly optimizes your hearing aids to all environments and more.
Certéna is our standard hearing aid family, offering a complete selection of models and accessories. Certéna is the only standard hearing aid offering WhistleBlock Technology, a feature that stops annoying whistling and more.
Naída is the innovative power hearing aid. It is designed for people with moderately-severe to profound hearing losses. All Naída models feature SoundRecover which provides exceptional levels of audibility and clarity, an  appealing design, water resistance and more.
Milo / Milo Plus
Milo and Milo Plus excel without complexity and focus on the essentials: quality and reliability at an affordable price. The hearing aids accommodate all degrees of hearing loss and improve communication by enhancing speech clarity and ensuring comfortable listening thanks to the advanced WhistleBlock Technology
Nios micro
Our longstanding commitment to children with hearing loss has inspired us to create Nios micro, a small attractive hearing aid dedicated to children with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
Nios micro features SoundRecover which provides all the audibility and clarity needed to achieve the best speech and language outcomes from day one.
Savia Art
The Savia Art hearing aid family has 12 different styles for you to choose from.
Savia Art is inspired by nature. It offers an exclusive package of features like NoWhistle Technology, to combat annoying whistling and AutoPilot which automatically changes the settings of the hearing aid to suit the listening situation. Savia Art hearing systems also offer a range of remote controls and FM options.
The Eleva hearing aid family has 11 different styles for you to choose from.
Eleva is inspired by nature and provides the ideal balance between performance, comfort and price. Eleva’s TriPilot feature adapts the hearing aid to your listening environment. For your convenience Eleva benefits include a remote control and FM options.
The eXtra hearing aid has 11 different models for you to choose from
eXtra is inspired by nature,and offers great features at an affordable price. The SoundManager feature combined with our EasyPhone feature ensures that you have automatic hassle-free telephone use. eXtraSound is another great feature that provides a fuller and more natural sound experience.For your convenience eXtra benefits include a remote control and FM options
Sleek,stylish and discreet Audéo fits invisibly behind your ear. Its  unique, award-winning design and technology offers you improved speech understanding,and with its wide range of modern color options you can express your individual style . The Audéo hearing aid family is available in three price and perfomance levels so there is an Audéo for every budget
microPower is inspired by nature. You  can now have a hearing aid that blends performance and cosmetic appeal.This high performance, high power hearing aid is designed to provide more natural sound quality and listening comfort. microPower hearing systems have a range of remote controls and FM options for you to choose from
Una is  inspired by nature .Una offers you excellent sound quality at an affordable price and feels comfortable right from the start. With its reliable technology Una can improve your quality of life significantly. With Una  quality sound becomes available for everyone. Una has a range of remote controls and FM options for you to choose from.



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